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Jawwy TV’s Must-see in October: A Bingeworthy List of Exclusive Series and Movies Awaits

Riyadh, KSA, October , 2023:

Jawwy TV continues to delight audiences with an exclusive lineup of captivating series and movies this October. Jawwy TV offers streamers access to premium and exclusive content, delivering a world-class entertainment experience tailored to every passion and curiosity. This month, the platform evokes the magic of cinema and television with a diverse list of content options, taking viewers on exhilarating adventures to explore uncharted territories and indulge in the finest entertainment, all in one place.

Exclusives for Next-level Entertainment

Hadatha Bel Fe’l (It Has Really Happened) is a series of three-episode dramas delving into compelling social thrill stories. In “Hadatha Bel Fe’el: Reesh Abyad,” Farida’s mother, devastated by the news of her husband’s betrayal, falls into a deep depression and tragically passes away. Witnessing her mother’s anguish, Farida embarks on a quest to avenge her against those who have wronged her. “Hadatha Bel Fe’el: Law Ba’ad Heen” and “Qared Shakhsi” explore a captivating anthology of real-life stories, shedding light on the profound impact of mental disorders on patients and their families and friends.

Beit Alruby: A comedy movie that revolves around Ibrahim Alruby who relocates to a secluded place with his family after facing a crisis. But when circumstances force them to return to their old lives, a series of mishaps and surprises await them on this rollercoaster ride.

Season 2 of the Turkish drama Tuzak (Al Fakh) continues the thrilling tale of a family seeking revenge against the influential clan responsible for their downfall.

Tamer Hosny’s 2023 comedy action film Tag will take viewers into the hilarious heroic adventures of a music teacher-turned-superhero. After beginning to display superpowers, Tag attempts to hide them until his powers are needed. The movie will be available for MENA region viewers on October 13th and will be streaming in Egypt on November 23rd.

Exclusives from Starzplay

Season 6 of The Good Doctor: A Drama that revolves around a talented young surgeon with autism who uses his extraordinary medical gifts to save lives at a prestigious hospital’s pediatric surgical unit.

Thrill-seekers are sure to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping 2023 American action thriller film, Snatch a Bullet. Detective Bob Hightower resigns from his job following his wife’s murder by a mysterious cult. He embarks on a perilous journey, infiltrating the dangerous cult to save his kidnapped child and unravel dark mysteries.

Unveiling the Latest Shows on discovery+

Viewers can dive into the heart-pounding excitement of Gold Rush 14, where daring gold miners take risks that could change their lives, or join the fearless Jack Osbourne in Tasmanian Terror Season 1 as he ventures into the unknown. For real estate enthusiasts, Flip the Strip Season 1 is the perfect choice to see how properties undergo spectacular transformations, turning into stunning masterpieces. Culinary enthusiasts are also promised a delectable journey with For the Love of Kitchens Season 2.


About Jawwy TV:

Jawwy TV is an industry-leading streaming service that aggregates and curates top regional and global content available for MENA audiences. With a flurry of OTT platforms available in the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to navigate, discover, and engage with the content they like.

Jawwy TV solves that pain point through its world-class streaming platform, customer-centric digital experience, and rich content that is handpicked from top partners, including STARZPLAY, discovery+, Wide Khaliji, Cartoon Network, Boomerang & more, bringing about a unique library with the best movies, TV shows, documentaries, and kids’ programs.

Users are also able to watch exclusives and original productions that cannot be found anywhere else, in addition to the best free-to-air & encrypted live TV channels from regional & international networks and broadcasters.

 All of this and much more in one place!

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