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On Riyadh,November 19, 2023,  “BIOFACH Saudi Arabia 2023” kicked off d Agricunder the sponsorship of the Ministry of Environment, Water, anulture

It involves the participation of more than 15 countries, 25 specialized companies, and 50 brands focusing on organic food production. The event spans three days at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.
“BIOFACH Saudi Arabia 2023” is one of the world’s largest specialized exhibitions promoting investment in agriculture and organic products. It serves as a focal point for major investors, distributors, suppliers, and solution providers in the global organic products industry. The exhibition provides an opportunity for interested individuals to explore international experiences in organic farming and learn about the latest technologies in the field.
Dr. Suleiman Al-Khatib, the Assistant Minister for Agricultural Affairs, explained that the ministry’s sponsorship aims to support the organic products sector, which has shown significant development in the Kingdom. This support is evident through the efforts of the Saudi Organic Farming Association, contributing to an increase in the consumption of organic food.
He highlighted the local growth and development of organic farming in the Kingdom in 2022. The total organically cultivated area reached 23,315 hectares, with 512 organic farms. The overall production of organic plant products reached 95,298 tons. The organic production in the past year increased, including 3,740 sheep and goats, 610 cattle, 450,000 eggs, 27 tons of honey, and 400 tons of dairy products.
The exhibition features presentations from over 50 brands representing Saudi and international companies and agencies in the organic agriculture sector. Additionally, specialized workshops on marketing, investment, research, innovation, risk management, and inspection mechanisms in organic farming are offered, providing a valuable opportunity for knowledge and experience exchange.
The opening ceremony was attended by the Secretary-General of the Saudi Organic Farming Association, Engineer Abdullah Al-Hawtan, as well as representatives of participating entities and companies. The exhibition runs for three days until November 21, welcoming visitors and interested individuals at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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