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Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) enters a special year with 82% of International Sales Revenue generated outside of Switzerland, and total sales growth of 8.6%


R&M, a world-wide Swiss connectivity provider in cabling systems, fiber and copper solutions for network infrastructures around the world, has announced its growth for year 2022 of 8.6 percent, with 82% of revenue generated outside of Switzerland.

With its understanding of the competitive international market and despite the current crises, high-quality infrastructures for data and communication networks remain in demand. R&M is successfully mastering new challenges, investing in the future and positioning itself as a full-service provider. R&M’s growth was backed by significant deals across many channels such as BFSI, telecom, government, and healthcare.

“I’m encouraged to see that even in this environment, R&M is holding up remarkably well. We closed the past financial year above our goal and at a good growth rate. The markets are constantly developing, and further investments are being made in broadband supply and mobile expansion, data centers and building networks to enable digitalization” said Nabil Khalil, R&M META Region Executive Vice President. Swiss Council Executive Committee Member

The GCC is now considered one of the main markets for global business ventures and the development of future technical solutions plays a crucial role in accelerating revenue figures.

“Targeting another major increase in market share for year 2023, R&M promises to accelerate more, and rollout a broader portfolio of innovative solutions both in data center and in Public Networks especially around 5G applications. R&M is rapidly transforming into a Full-Service Provider able to serve its growing partners and customers network with end to end infrastructure solutions.” Nabil Khalil, R&M META Region Executive Vice President. Swiss Council Executive Committee Member.

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