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30 June 2024 – Samsung Electronics, Middle East and North Africa, a global leader in technology and innovation, is proud to announce its collaboration with Anghami Inc., the leading streaming platform for music in the region to launch their regional campaign. The exciting campaign titled ‘Flippin Possible’ (بكل درجة أقدر) is designed to celebrate self-expression through the Galaxy Z Flip5, which is a is a tool of self-expression by itself, encouraging users to embrace boldness in everything they do and freely express themselves. The device inspired this campaign as it represents the fusion of technology and personal style, enabling users to showcase their unique identities and creativity in every flip

Built on the universal belief that anything is achievable, the ‘Flippin Possible’ campaign centres on three core passions — music, dance, and art — to inspire creativity and celebrate the diverse talents thriving throughout the region

Omar Saheb, Regional VP of Marketing and Online Business at Samsung Electronics MENA, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Anghami and these incredible local talents to bring the ‘Flippin Possible’ campaign to life. This campaign is all about celebrating self-expression and the limitless possibilities that come with the Galaxy Z Flip5, and we can’t wait to see how our users will embrace and express their creativity through music, dance, and art”

To bring this vision to life, Samsung has partnered with three renowned music artists from the Middle East – Flipperachi (Bahrain), Lamia Al Malki (KSA), and Siilawy (Jordan). In collaboration with Anghami, each artist has created a unique track that reflects the essence of self-expression and the campaign’s core message, available on the Anghami app

• Hob Al Madina (feat. Siilawy) – A tribute to city life and love –
• Aaysha Hayati (feat. Lamia Al Malki) – Celebrating living life to the fullest –
• Flippin’ Possible (feat. Flipperachi) – Encouraging listeners to express themselves and embrace all possibilities –
In addition to the musical collaborations, Samsung also teamed up with Dubai-based artist Ibrahim Zaki to create three album covers and a special limited-edition Galaxy Z Flip5 cover design. These designs embody the campaign’s spirit with the message #بكل_درجة_أقدر (‘Bekol Daraja Akdar’, which means in every degree possible), allowing users to express their unique personalities in every degree

To further amplify the campaign, Samsung partnered with two talented dancers and choreographers, Joyce Amil, based in Dubai, and Nehmat Abdelkhalik, based in Lebanon. Additionally, Samsung collaborated with TikTok to launch a special Branded Effect called ‘The Flip Side,’ exclusive to the UAE and KSA. The effect encourages users to dance to each of the three tracks, showcasing their moves and creativity

• KSA link:
• UAE link:
For more information about the ‘Flippin Possible’ campaign, please visit


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