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According to “Forbes Middle East” and “Saudi CSR” classification “Zain KSA” listed among ‘Top 50 Saudi Brands’ in Social Responsibility

Zain KSA was ranked as one of the 50 most socially responsible brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A list published by Forbes Middle East, in cooperation with the National Center for Responsibility and Studies (Saudi CSR), sheading the light on public entities, private companies, and NPOs in Saudi Arabia for their responsibility initiatives impact

The ranking is a result of Zain KSA’s diligent efforts and initiatives as part of their integrated social responsibility strategy. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the best global practices in the field of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), Zain KSA’s strategy supports Saudi Vision 2030’s goals for sustainable development and improved life quality

Embedding ESG across their entire value chain, Zain KSA’s sustainability actions included targeted programs for improving the quality of life for all segments of society. The Women in Technology (WIT) program supports recent female graduates in STEM fields. Through the ‘EVOLVE’ training program, Zain KSA provides recent graduates with practical experience and global know-how to prepare them for the job market. Through a collaboration with the ‘E7twa22’ charity group, Zain KSA employees made in-kind donations to more than 3,000 low-income families during “Kiswat Farah” initiative

Additionally, Zain KSA is a strategic partner of the “Family Safety Program”, which enhances their role in assuring child safety by endorsing the “Saudi Child Helpline” initiative with a comprehensive framework to support future generations in both the physical and digital worlds. The initiative targeted more than 3500 children along with their families through awareness campaigns

Zain KSA recently signed an MoU for a strategic partnership with “Kebar” Association. The partnership aims to bridge the digital divide and empower the elderly to embrace a tech-driven society through a targeted training program

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