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Always in the Spotlight: Introducing vivo V29 with Studio Portrait, Aesthetic Design and Powerful Performance

KSA, 12 October 2023 – vivo, the global leading technology company for smart phone technology, has unveiled the V29, its latest flagship-level studio portrait addition to its captivating V series. Equipped with the innovative Aura Light and Smart Color Temperature Adjustment feature, new aesthetic design and powerful performance, V29 is the smartphone for users looking to capture and celebrate every moment of their exciting lives. V29 revolutionizes the smartphone experience with a comprehensive range of advanced features and groundbreaking innovations meticulously crafted to elevate user experience and seamlessly address everyday challenges faced by consumers

vivo is always looking for ways to improve the portrait photography experience on its smartphones. The new vivo V29, with its upgraded Aura Light Portrait camera system, the front camera features, such as the 50 MP Auto Focus Group Selfie and Super Group Video, and a very chic design, is a testament to our commitment to innovation. We want to empower our users to express themselves in their daily lives and capture every special moment. said Saeed Klaib, Director of communications at vivo Middle East

Step into the Spotlight with Studio-Level Portraits

Elevate Everyday Life with Aura Light Portrait 2.0
The innovative Aura Light Portrait 2.0 with new Smart Color Temperature Adjustment boasts an upgraded design in the form of a larger light ring size (15.6 mm in diameter). This empowers the rear camera with more impressive low-light and night photography capabilities, adding a flattering radiance to photo subjects anywhere, anytime. In addition, upgraded features of the front camera, such as the 50 MP AF Group Selfie and Super Group Video, ensure that every smile is perfectly immortalized within the frame

Your Go-to Lighting Designer
With the Aura Light feature, the V29 smartphone continues to push boundaries in the pursuit of excellence, while prioritizing the needs of users at the same time. Recognizing the vital role of light in capturing stunning images, the rear camera of V29 is equipped with the largest Aura Light in V series’ history. The oversized Aura Light has a remarkable capacity to create a three-dimensional lighting effect, and ensures even illumination from every angle, eliminating facial shadows and dark areas. With a light-emitting area nine times larger than a standard flash, the Aura Light Portrait 2.0 provides gentle and non-dazzling light akin to that of a professional studio. This exquisite lighting delicately accentuates the skin tone while artfully concealing imperfections, unveiling one’s natural beauty. Additionally, the 36% of increase in brightness as compared to its predecessor allows vivo V29 to capture shots with vivid clarity, bringing them to life with more focus and power

V29 goes beyond enhancing visual appeal with its all-encompassing Aura Light. It also introduces the integration of Smart Color Temperature Adjustment, which enables the device to adapt to diverse environments with varying color temperatures. From dynamic nightclubs to vibrant neon-lit streets or cozy bars, V29 effortlessly adapts its color temperature to intelligently align with the environment, providing users with the expertise of a personal light designer. With just a single tap on V29, subjects in dimly lit environments are gently illuminated, allowing their unique characteristics to shine through. The result is bright, clear portraits with a captivating atmosphere that enriches every shot

Capture Every Smile with Splendor
Experience the next level of group selfies with the enhanced 50 MP HD Camera of V29. With an expanded field of view and precise autofocus capabilities, it liberates photos from the constraints of traditional selfies, capturing more smiles effortlessly and without distortions. From group photos to videos, V29 allows users to unleash their creativity and create enchanting memories that radiate with brilliance and authenticity

Unlock the Beauty of the Night
When it comes to exceptional night image quality, V29 is powered by an advanced 50 MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera. Elevating the photography experience, it extends exposure, enhances light intake, and ensures the capture of remarkably stable images. Superior image quality and truly satisfactory results can be expected, even in low-light conditions. With V29, users can relish the privilege of studio-level photography integrated seamlessly into a smartphone, all without the weight of a hefty price tag

Additionally, V29 has the Supermoon Mode which helps stargazers capture the brilliance of night sky. To enhance the sky watching experience, the Astro Mode is a delightful addition that allows users to capture the beautiful Milky Way

But that’s not all. For videography enthusiasts, the V29 raises the bar with its advanced technology. The Ultra Stable Video feature, supported by both OIS and EIS, ensures steadier and clearer shots of various scenes. By conducting up to 1,000 stabilization computations and 10,000 stabilization movements per second, it effectively mitigates undesirable motion blur to capture images with clarity and precision. No more worries about low light, camera noise, or shaky footage. Get ready to create captivating vlogs with cinematic magic and brilliance. Furthermore, the Super Night Video feature is supported by excellent night scene algorithms and strong stabilization capabilities, all of which can effectively solve the pain points of shooting videos in low-light conditions. In other words, V29 enables night shots to shine brightly and capture outstanding details with impeccable beauty

One-Stop Vlog-Maker for Everyday Shots
V29 is expertly crafted to empower users in their quest for vlogging excellence and social media content creation. The Vlog Movie Creator offers a one-stop video creation experience with various built-in templates and a professional editing assistant, eliminating the need for separate editing apps

Redefine Exquisite with Timeless Style
The colors of V29 are luxurious and elegant, especially the Velvet Red. As a symbol of luxury, the Velvet Red is reminiscent of aristocratic silk which is only reserved for those who pursue only the best quality. Furthermore, V29 Velvet Red is made by unique Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass and nano-scale photoetching technique. With its photochromic color-changing effect under UV light, V29 Velvet Red delivers a soft touch and unique premium quality under the transition of light and shadow

The Noble Black color exudes timeless elegance and style, thanks to the nano-scale photoetching technique which provides durability and stain resistance with etched shimmers

The Best Screen in the History of V Series

V29 series features a 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED display and a 6.78″ 3D curved screen, delivering stunning visuals to users. With an impressive resolution of 1.5K and a super-high pixel density of 452 PPI, every detail comes to life with astonishing precision. Users will be immersed in a captivating visual experience as V29 showcases 1.07 billion colors and a DCI-P3 cinema-grade color gamut. In addition, V29 prioritizes eye health and has received three SGS professional-grade eye protection certifications, underscoring our commitment to visual well-being

Delivering Unparalleled Performance

V29 is designed to provide a smooth and powerful user experience. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon® 778G mobile platform, ensuring excellent performance and seamless 5G connectivity. With its Memory Booster (12 GB RAM + 8 GB Extended RAM), the device offers ample storage and strong support for the operating system. V29 also includes an Ultra Large VC Bionic Cooling System, which enables the device to unleash optimal performance in various scenarios, delivering an immersive experience – whether during intense gaming sessions or captivating cinematic experiences. Additionally, the updated 80W FlashCharge and 4600 mAh (TYP) Battery allow for fast and safe charging, allowing the phone to be charged from 1% to 50% in just 18 minutes and guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting use

Besides, V29 provides splash resistance and dust resistance with IP54 protection under normal use. In over 60 controlled laboratory reliability tests, V29 demonstrates exceptional performance. No matter where you are, V29 accompanies you through rain or sunshine, ensuring a long-lasting, worry-free user experience

Overall, with its impressive specifications and features, V29 provides a convincing and rational choice for users seeking a high-performance smartphone

Pricing and Availability

V29 is available for purchase online and in all stores in the KSA for the following prices

(12 + 8 GB RAM+ 256 GB ROM) for SAR 1699

(12 + 8 GB RAM+ 512 GB ROM) for SAR 1899


About vivo
vivo is a technology company that creates great products based on a design-driven value, with smart devices and intelligent services as its core. The company aims to build a bridge between humans and the digital world. Through unique creativity, vivo provides users with an increasingly convenient mobile and digital life. Following the company’s core values, which include Benfen*, user-orientation, design-driven value, continuous learning and team spirit, vivo has implemented a sustainable development strategy with the vision of developing into a healthier, more sustainable world-class corporation

While bringing together and developing the best local talents to deliver excellence, vivo is supported by a network of R&D centers in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Xi’an, focusing on the development of state-of-the-art consumer technologies, including 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial design, imaging system and other up-and-coming technologies. vivo has also set up an intelligent manufacturing network (including those authorized by vivo), with an annual production capacity of nearly 200 million smartphones. As of now, vivo has branched out its sales network across more than 60 countries and regions, and is loved by more than 400 million users worldwide

*”Benfen” is a term describing the attitude on doing the right things and doing things right – which is the ideal description of vivo’s mission to create value for society

Stay informed of latest vivo news at

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