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Empowering the Elderly with Digital Skills Zain KSA Signs a Strategic Partnership with Kebar Association

Zain KSA signed an MoU with Kebar Association to bridge the digital divide and empower the elderly to embrace a tech-driven society. This MoU aligns with Zain KSA’s corporate sustainability strategy, aiming to empower the Saudi population, foster digital inclusion, and enhance the nation’s digital skills in line with Saudi Vision 2030’s goal of achieving an ambitious digital nation. Zain KSA will introduce user-friendly training courses designed specifically for seniors, helping them master digital solutions. These will include essential applications and programs, contributing to improving their quality of life

Commenting on the partnership, Zain KSA’s Corporate Communications General Manager, Eman Abdullah Alsaidi, stated, “Committed to Saudi Vision 2030’s goal of digital inclusion, this partnership demonstrates our unwavering dedication to bridging the digital gap, a cornerstone of our corporate sustainability strategy. Our primary goal is to empower the elderly by familiarizing them with technology and its benefits, offering training courses that simplify the learning and usage of technology, and encouraging them to engage with digital solutions. This will enable them to access essential services for health, communication, transportation, and entertainment, enhancing their overall quality of life. We are excited to partner with Kebar Association, together we embark on a mission to empower our elders with digital skills. We are committed to providing them with the care and attention they deserve as they journey into the digital landscape”

Vice Chairman of the Board of Kebar Assocation, Sami Al Homood, stated, “Providing a dignified life for our elderly is a cornerstone of Kebar’s mission as outlined by Saudi Vision 2030. We are proud to partner with Zain KSA, which plays a pioneering role in sustainability and has made great strides in empowering seniors with the necessary digital skills to help them accomplish their day-to-day tasks more easily”

Worth noting, Zain KSA has achieved an “A” rating in the MSCI ESG Index for outstanding environmental, social, and corporate governance practices in the Saudi Telecom Sector

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