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eWTP Arabia Capital Portfolio Companies Strengthen Saudi Presence and Partnerships at LEAP 2024

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 21 March 2024 – eWTP Arabia Capital (eWTPA), a growth-stage investor headquartered in Riyadh and Asia Tech Partner of LEAP 2024, showcased its commitment to fostering innovation and partnership building at the recent event. Leveraging its position, eWTPA facilitated significant collaborations with the Saudi Ministry of Media and orchestrated strategic partnerships for its diverse portfolio companies.

With a robust portfolio comprising 18 companies spanning Fintech, Logistics, and Cloud Computing, eWTP Arabia Capital actively supports its investees in pioneering industry advancements. Notable partnerships were forged by portfolio companies such as COFE, BTR, and Sahm Capital during the event, underscoring eWTPA’s dedication to driving progress in the region.

Reflecting on the event’s outcomes, Jerry Li, Founder and Managing Partner of eWTPA, commented, “LEAP 2024 has been an inspiring platform for showcasing innovation and ambition. Our strengthened ties with the Ministry of Media reflect our shared vision for propelling innovation within Saudi Arabia’s esteemed and fast developing media landscape. Moreover, our portfolio companies not only showcased their cutting-edge solutions but also affirmed their commitment to fostering sustainable growth and digital transformation across the Middle East.”

In the logistics domain, BTR Tech and Quicktron are revolutionizing the GCC’s logistics landscape through their strategic collaboration, introducing advanced robotic solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency and setting new industry benchmarks in the region.

As one of the exhibitors, J&T Express signed a cooperation agreement with Salla, the largest e-commerce platform in Saudi Arabia, to provide comprehensive cross-border logistics services for Saudi consumers and merchants, including fast and secure delivery, customized logistics solutions, and  after-sales service. J&T Express looks forward to this cooperation and its role in further strengthening business ties between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world, promoting the prosperity and development of cross-border trade.

In addition to the cooperation with Salla, J&T Express also showcased its close partnerships with multiple e-commerce platforms in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, including Temu, Noon, Shein, and Tiktok, supporting the further expansion of e-commerce businesses in the Saudi market.

COFE App & COFE Cloud announced a landmark partnership with Alibaba Cloud, representing a significant move within the fast growing coffee chain ecosystem. This collaboration is poised to elevate the digital infrastructure of the food and beverage sector, offering scalable, reliable, and high-performance solutions.

Meanwhile, Sahm Capital, in conjunction with SCCC Alibaba Cloud, is reshaping Saudi Arabia’s online financial trading sphere. Their strategic alliance harnesses cutting-edge cloud technologies to deliver unparalleled reliability and performance, marking a pivotal milestone in the Kingdom’s financial modernization journey.

The strategic alliances forged at LEAP 2024 underscore eWTP Arabia Capital’s unwavering commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaborative partnerships within Saudi Arabia and beyond.

About eWTP Arabia Capital

Founded in 2019, eWTP Arabia Capital (“eWTPA”) is an investment firm based in Saudi Arabia and China. Backed by marquee investors, Public Investment Fund (PIF) and eWTP Capital, eWTPA helps create robust local digital ecosystems in the MENA region by partnering with market-leading Chinese businesses and providing a gateway for these companies to establish a strong and sustainable presence in the region. To date, eWTPA has invested in over 18 companies in the cloud and digital sector, 13 of which have already established themselves successfully in KSA, and 4 of which are expected to be listed soon; more have emerged as industry leaders or regional unicorns since its initial US$400 million Fund I.

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