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SingleView awarded as “The Most Innovative Open Banking Solution Provider in Saudi Arabia” in 2023

SingleView, the pioneering fintech company based in Saudi Arabia, was honored as “The Most Innovative Open Banking Solution Provider in Saudi Arabia” at the 11th International Finance Ceremony held last Thursday in Dubai, UAE

This prestigious award acknowledges SingleView’s distinctive efforts in delivering Financial Technology solutions across various sectors, with a primary focus on Open Banking solutions. The company received the nomination from a qualified research team specializing in monitoring financial companies and the broader financial sector

Expressing his thoughts on the award, Abdulrhman Alarifi, CEO of SingleView, stated, “We celebrate this achievement, which underscores our leadership in the field of open banking services in Saudi Arabia. It reflects our commitment to innovation and the delivery of user-friendly service solutions to our customers. We have full confidence in our ability to continually enhance our services to meet their future aspirations. The award serves as a culmination of our efforts in this vital sector and serves as an incentive to strive towards broader horizons of success”

It’s worth noting that the International Finance Award is among the most prestigious accolades dedicated to companies and financial sectors that demonstrate highly effective contributions to the financial sector, as well as other economic sectors, in major and promising markets across the globe

SingleView aims always to extend its services not only within the Saudi market but also to numerous companies and entities in various regional and global countries

About SingleView

SingleView, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a leading provider of open banking solutions. With partnerships established with all major Saudi banks, the company is dedicated to transforming financial services on a global scale. Their mission is to empower businesses in every industry to drive profitability, enhance customer engagement, and achieve long-term success. By leveraging unique technology and strategic partnerships, SingleView is at the forefront of revolutionizing the financial services landscape

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