Snap Inc. and The Red Sea International Film Festival are thrilled to announce a collaboration that is set to redefine the festival experience through innovative augmented reality (AR) technology

. Snap, a global leader in camera and AR technology, is proud to unveil two exclusive lenses on Snapchat and an on-ground activation booth at the Ritz Carlton in Jeddah

The festival, currently underway from November 30th to December 9th, is a cinematic celebration that unites filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts from around the globe, fostering the exchange of voices and experiences. Strategically positioned at the Ritz Carlton, the Snap booth serves as an AR mirror photo opportunity, placed between the red-carpet experience and the VIP lounge, ensuring a prime location for talent and VIP guests

On the opening and closing nights, where most celebrities are expected to attend, Snap introduces two lenses. The first lens, available on camera for media promotion, promises an immersive experience for users to engage with festival content. The second lens is an on-ground AR Mirror experience, adding a touch of augmented reality magic to the festival atmosphere

“We are thrilled to collaborate with The Red Sea International Film Festival to bring Snap’s innovative AR technology to the heart of this cinematic celebration,” said Ghadah Alawami, Vertical Lead for Telecom and Government at Snap Saudi: “Snapchat has become an integral part of the Saudi culture and the Saudis lives, and this partnership allows us to enhance the festival experience for attendees, bringing creativity and interactivity to a whole new level”

The Red Sea International Film Festival, in its commitment to showcasing emerging talents and new storytelling trends, sees this partnership as a significant step towards enriching the festival’s offerings

Samaher Mously, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Red Sea Film Foundation, said: “Our passion lies in transcending boundaries in storytelling and crafting unforgettable experiences for our audience. By curating a tapestry of diverse cinematic voices within the festival, we illuminate untold stories and amplify unheard voices. Snap. Inc’s AR technology seamlessly aligns with this vision, empowering festival goers to interact with the event in groundbreaking ways and weave their personal narratives into the festival’s fabric”

Snapchat’s popularity in Saudi Arabia is undeniable, with a large and engaged user base. The app boasts over 22 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) and has become a cultural phenomenon in the country. This collaboration solidifies Snap’s role in major events in Saudi Arabia, reinforcing its cultural relevance and commitment to creating meaningful connections with its audience

As Snap continues to integrate AR technology into major events globally, the partnership with The Red Sea International Film Festival marks another milestone in bringing creativity and

innovation to diverse audiences

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