Snapchat in Saudi Arabia Unveils Exciting Innovations and Partnerships at Press Conference

Pushing Boundaries and Setting New Standards: Snap Demonstrates Commitment to Innovation and Creativity

[Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – May 31, 2023] – Snapchat hosted a press conference today, in Riyadh, attended by media, Snap stars, and emerging influencers, to announce several developments showcased at the annual Snap Partner Summit. The event highlighted a range of new features and advancements in augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, enterprise solutions, retail innovation, and the creator ecosystem

Snapchat offers users various ways to stay connected with loved ones, and they can anticipate a multitude of new features, updates, and interactive experiences. These include innovative story formats like Friendship Flashbacks, After Dark, and Communities, enabling users to document special moments in more engaging ways. Friendship Flashbacks bring throwback memories from Snapchat Memories directly into conversations with friends, After Dark offers a dedicated story format for evening memories, and Communities allows students to share their perspectives with classmates

The Snap Map will also introduce new location sharing options, while a highly realistic and personalized 3D Snap Map will make it easier to discover landmarks and popular hotspots. Furthermore, the Bitmoji style has been enhanced to provide avatars that not only resemble Snapchatters but also dress like them, featuring a wider range of shoppable clothes and accessories

Snapchat recognizes the power of its camera in enabling storytelling and empowering content creators. To further support creators, a Stories revenue sharing program has been introduced. Eligible creators with at least 50,000 followers, 25 million monthly Snap views, and a minimum of 10 Stories per month can now monetize their Stories through ads. This program incentivizes creators and provides the community with more engaging content from their favorite creators. Additionally, new Story updates will allow a broader audience to discover and appreciate creators’ creativity while maintaining Snapchat as the best platform for genuine friendships. Snapchatters aged 18 and older can now post their own Public Story with a simple tap, and creators gain access to content performance insights and Story Replies

Snapchat also aims to provide creators with more growth opportunities through new features such as Snap Map. By tagging locations in Spotlight Snaps or saving Stories they love, creators can expand their reach and offer the community the chance to discover new talent. Moreover, dozens of new tools have been developed for creators, including the integration of Linktree, a leading link-in-bio platform, into their new Public Profiles. Additionally, a new tool recommending Sounds to pair with Lenses will make Snaps even more expressive

Snapchat in Saudi Arabia remains dedicated to driving innovation, fostering connections, and providing unique experiences for its cherished community. Abdullah Alhammadi, Regional Business Lead for KSA Market at Snap Inc., expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are always thrilled to witness the tremendous engagement and enthusiasm of Snapchatters in Saudi Arabia. The statistics speak volumes, with Snapchatters in Saudi opening Snapchat nearly 50 times per day, showcasing their strong connection to the platform. It is also noteworthy that over 85% of KSA users interact with Lenses daily, highlighting the popularity and impact of our augmented reality features. Additionally, with almost 60% of Saudi Arabia Monthly Active users being 25 or older, Snapchat continues to resonate with a wide range of age groups, reinforcing its position as a leading social platform in the country. These numbers reflect the vibrant Snapchat community in Saudi Arabia and inspire us to continue delivering innovative features and experiences to our valued users.”

In its commitment to transforming the retail experience, Snapchat introduces the AR Shopping Suite by ARES (AR Enterprise Services). This suite integrates cutting-edge AR and AI features such as Try-On and Fit Finder into customers’ own apps and websites. The Shopping Suite has already proven successful for businesses, improving brand loyalty, reducing product return rates, and providing a competitive edge

Snapchat also unveiled AR Mirrors, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds in retail spaces. Brands like Nike and the innovative AR-enabled Coca-Cola vending machine have already embraced this technology, resulting in an 82% increase in recommendations from satisfied customers

The press conference served as a platform to highlight Snap’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and establishing new benchmarks across various domains. Through these thrilling new features and advancements, Snap is at the forefront of driving innovation and fostering creativity. The company’s commitment lies in providing a dynamic platform for businesses and consumers to explore novel and captivating methods of connecting, engaging, and creating, setting new standards along the way in Saudi Arabia and beyond


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