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TECNO Launches Groundbreaking PolarAce Imaging System with Sony Imaging Chip at MWC24, Set to Debut in Upcoming CAMON 30 Premier 5G

Riyadh, February 27, 2024 –

Innovative technology brand TECNO today launched the TECNO PolarAce Imaging System (hereafter referred to as TECNO PolarAce), its debut imaging system with Sony Imaging Chip CXD5622GG, enabling 4K 30fps full-scene AI-NR HDR video for the first time in the industry. The system, which TECNO unveiled at its futuristic MWC Barcelona 2024 showcase, will first be available in the upcoming CAMON 30 Premier 5G, set to launch in the second quarter of 2024, bringing a new pinnacle of mobile video imaging to users around the world

TECNO’s PolarAce Imaging System brings a new pinnacle of mobile video imaging

“Our commitment and goal has always been to deliver the best mobile imaging experience to TECNO users around the world to meet diverse imaging needs,” said Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO. “Previously, we have revolutionized smartphone imaging with innovations such as the advanced RGBW Ultra-Sensitive Sensor and the world’s first retractable portrait lens. TECNO PolarAce, our first imaging system with an independent imaging chip, leverages our partnership with Sony to signal a new era of extraordinary smartphone video imaging”

Merging advanced technologies from TECNO and Sony, the revolutionary PolarAce Imaging System is powered by four key advancements. The system comprises the Sony Imaging Chip CXD5622GG with industry-first end-side FP16 floating-point computing, Sony’s LYTIA components; TECNO’s Universal Tone multi-skin tone imaging technology; and TECNO’s AI imaging technologies

The revolutionary PolarAce Imaging System is powered by four key advancements

Collaboration with Sony’s LYTIA to Achieve a Shared Vision
The development of TECNO PolarAce is built on the foundations of TECNO’s collaboration with Sony’s LYTIA. As a brand that aims to further Sony’s mission of “unleashing people’s creativity”, Sony’s LYTIA’s CMOS sensors are finely tuned to deliver outstanding imaging, while TECNO’s unique approach to meeting global and local user needs elevates the potential of the imaging system to provide the best solutions. Sharing a vision to solve common imaging challenges, TECNO and Sony’s LYTIA together are leading the charge in the advancement of mobile imaging

TECNO’s PolarAce Imaging System is equipped with Sony’s advanced technologies

An Imaging System that Redefines the Mobile Video Experience
Despite major advancements in mobile video technologies over time, there is still huge potential for even greater results. For example, the computational power of traditional System on Chips (SoCs) is no longer adequate to address user needs. Meanwhile, common pain points experienced by smartphone users include night scene video capture, full-scene HDR shooting, and overall video smoothness. With Sony’s exceptional CXD5622GG independent imaging chip, TECNO PolarAce delivers industry-first and industry-leading technologies to achieve a higher level of performance and quality in mobile imaging to meet the ever-growing demands of the modern content creator

The independent imaging chip provides the industry’s first end-side FP16 floating-point computing, which compared with the integer operations of previous similar ISPs, provides a huge leap in computing power. TECNO PolarAce Imaging System chip’s computing achieves an incredible 4.6TFLOPS@FP16

TECNO PolarAce enhances videography in extreme conditions

The chip is equipped with four engines to restore true color and deliver all the details in extreme scenarios. They are NeuroNR Turbo to reduce noise in RAW domain, NeuroColor Turbo to optimize real color restoration, NeuroHDR Turbo to improve mobile videography quality, and NeuroFPS Turbo to ensure the overall smoothness of videos while meeting the needs of long recordings. With these four advanced engines, the chip achieves the industry’s first 4K 30fps full-scene AI-NR HDR video, setting a new standard for mobile video imaging, as well as bringing incredible 4K Ultra Night Vision

The chip moves image processing from YUV to the RAW domain, adopting industry-leading RAW domain processing to deliver a 30.3dB signal-to-noise ratio improvement. This enables TECNO PolarAce to provide almost lossless image quality that traditional ISPs cannot achieve. The chip also delivers industry-leading energy efficiency ratio, with far lower energy consumption than other ISPs when shooting 4K@30fps

TECNO PolarAce elevates image capture both day and night

True-to-Life Skin Tone Capture with TECNO’s Universal Tone
The optimized coloring brought by the TECNO PolarAce imaging system’s independent imaging chip also enhances the incredible performance of TECNO’s new Universal Tone technology. First unveiled in October 2023, Universal Tone is the industry’s most advanced AI-powered multi-skin tone imaging technology. Developed to achieve more accurate skin tone capture based on unbiased data, Universal Tone allows users to feel more truly represented in portrait images. In 2024, TECNO will take another leap in its efforts, uniting with researchers at the University of Leeds and utilizing TECNO PolarAce to further celebrate the diverse beauty of humanity

Embracing AI to Boost Ease and Enjoyment
TECNO PolarAce is enhanced by AI-powered functionalities that make imaging even more impactful and enjoyable. The system features TECNO’s built-in AIGC Portrait capture, letting users generate a vast array of portrait disguises from wedding dresses to cartoon dolls, graduation attire, formal wear and more, without downloading a third-party app. Furthermore, TECNO’s AI One Click Erase employs AI technology to enable one-click removal of obstacles and clearing of passersby

TECNO PolarAce in the Upcoming CAMON 30 Premier 5G
The TECNO PolarAce Imaging System will be available in the upcoming TECNO CAMON 30 Premier 5G, set to launch in the second quarter of 2024. The new series is set to deliver unmistakable CAMON performance and ultimate imaging, for extreme adventure and extraordinary capture

TECNO’s PolarAce Imaging System will debut in the upcoming TECNO CAMON 30 Premier 5G

With a design inspired by traditional rangefinder cameras, the CAMON 30 Premier 5G shines with a modern yet timeless aesthetic. The lens frame features a zoom ring design with a metal texture for a high-end, professional feel and a classic look. A more robust body for the entire device that aligns the lens provides better cooling around the phone’s full 360 degrees, while the CAMON 30 Premier 5G’s full metal mid-frame adds durability and a touch of luxury. Meanwhile, an “Action Dot” breathing light on the reverse side illuminates when recording videos, while also serving as an infrared sensor indicator, a charging indicator and an activation light for voice assistants

The CAMON 30 Premier 5G is also equipped with an outstanding 70mm golden portrait focal length periscope lens, allowing spectacular micro shots, and up to 60x hybrid zoom. This portrait lens ensures less barrel distortion and more convenient framing, and unlike traditional portrait lenses, enables the full use of the sensor in night shots, with better noise control and clarity

Besides Sony’s chip, the CAMON 30 Premier 5G is also powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 8200 Ultimate 5G chip, with this powerful dual-core interconnection allowing up to 21.258Gbps high-speed transmission. Alongside Sony’s chip, the outstanding MediaTek 4nm chip further enhances the device’s imaging performance with the Imagiq 785 AI image processor and 3.1GHz octa-core peak performance

The CAMON 30 Premier 5G also features the best screen in the history of the CAMON series. The 1.5K LTPO screen provides a captivating visual experience close to a 2K resolution, while retaining lower power consumption similar to 1080P. With full-chain one billion colors and 1400 nits peak brightness, the screen is perfect for showcasing the device’s remarkable image capabilities

TECNO CAMON 30 Premier 5G – Extreme Adventure, Extraordinary Capture

TECNO PolarAce embodies TECNO’s consistent dedication to imaging innovation and glocalized strategy to improve the user experience. With high-quality image-making a key demand for its users, TECNO always strives to deliver the best imaging technologies and establish itself as a leader in smartphone imaging innovation, driven by its “Stop At Nothing” brand essence

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TECNO is an innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 countries and regions across five continents. Since its launch, TECNO has been revolutionizing the digital experience in emerging global markets, relentlessly pushing for the perfect integration of contemporary, aesthetic design with the latest technologies. Today, TECNO has developed into a recognized leader in its target markets, delivering state-of-the-art innovation through a wide range of smartphones, smart wearables, laptops and tablets, HiOS operating systems and smart home products. Guided by its brand essence of “Stop At Nothing”, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best and newest technologies for forward-looking individuals. By creating stylish, intelligent products, TECNO inspires consumers worldwide to never stop pursuing their best selves and their best futures

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