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The presentation of the book of the President of Kazakhstan K.K. Tokayev «The Word about the father» in Arabic was held at the International Book Fair in Riyadh

The Embassy of Kazakhstan, in cooperation with the Literature, Publishing & Translation Commission of the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia and the Agency of Literary Art, as well as the “publishing Obeikan”, organized the presentation of the book of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev «The Word about the father» in Arabic on the sidelines of International Book Fair “Riyadh-2023”.

The presentation was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the famous Kazakh writer, founder of the detective genre in national literature Kemel Tokayev.

The event was attended by Dr Mohammed Hasan Alwan, Head of the Saudi Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, Mr. Hatem Al-Shahri, the Director of the Literary Arts Agency, Dr. Abdulatif Al-Wasil, the General Director of International Book Fair, Mr. Mereke Kulkenov, the Chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, as well as representatives of several Saudi publishing houses, Ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Saudi Arabia, representatives of Saudi intellectuals and media, including famous writers, poets and journalists.

In his welcoming speech, H.E. Mr. Berik Aryn, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, briefed about the contents of the book of the President K.K.Tokayev «The Word about the Father», where the author shares with his memories about his parents, especially his father – the well-known writer, the founder of detective genre Kazakh literature Kemel Tokayev.

In this context, the Ambassador introduced the audience with the works of the writer Kemel Tokayev and his contribution to the development of Kazakh literature and noted that his numerous adventure and detective stories and novels, such popular among the readers as “Night Shoot”, “Special Assignment”, “The Soldier Went to War”, “Flow” etc., are not only fascinating but are also distinguished by their realistic stories.

  1. Aryn also mentioned that thanks to the book «The Word about the Father», Saudi readers will also learn the historical events of Kazakhstan in the early twentieth century.

 He expressed confidence that this work will find a good response among Arab readers because the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is not only a political figure, but also the author of a number of famous works in the field of international politics, such as “Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan in the Age of Globalization”, “Diplomacy of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and a diplomatic essay “Overcoming”, “Light and Shadow”.

The Chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan Mr. M. Kulkenov noted that the golden thread in this work is not only the great love of a son for his father but also an attempt to understand him as a man of outstanding personality, who not only made an important contribution to Kazakh literature but educated his son and allowed him to succeed as a prominent politician, the President of an independent state.

At the same time, he shared a view that the account of the difficult, sometimes tragic fate of his father, who went through the hardships of life and the ups and downs of the most difficult period in the formation of Kazakhstan, is worthy of a reader’s sympathy.

The participants of the presentation highly appreciated the book of K.K.Tokayev «The Word about the Father». Representatives of the Saudi intelligentsia and the media, as well as the diplomatic corps, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be awarded with the literary work of the President of Kazakhstan.

The speakers noted that the book reveals the personality of the President K.K.Tokayev to a public from a new perspective, as a son who loves his parents and carefully preserves their memory.

At the same time, they expressed an opinion that the book stimulates interest in the works of Kemel Tokayev, there for it is necessary to start translating his detective novels.

The participants emphasized that the translation of the book was a successful example of fruitful cooperation between the two countries in the cultural sphere, demonstrating the strength of the Kazakh-Saudi friendship ties.

 Saudi readers expressed the hope that this translation will be followed by translations of other works of Kazakh writers, which will serve to deepen mutual knowledge and cultural rapprochement of the peoples of the two countries.

The translation of the book “The Word about the Father” was made by the famous translator Dr. Mohamed Riad, who had earlier translated into Arabic I. Yesemberlin’s trilogy “Nomads”.

The Riyadh International Book Fair has been held annually since 1976 and is one of the largest book fairs in the Middle East. The current book fair is being held from September 28 to October 8, attended by more than 1,800 regional and global publishers from 32 countries, Asia, America, Europe and Africa, and the number of visitors per day exceeds 100 thousand people.

The Book Fair also includes author’s sidelines events of literature and poetry with the participation of writers and poets from various countries, master classes, seminars, conferences, lectures on culture, literature and art, music competitions and theatrical performances, and special events for children.

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