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To empower a digital generation to lead the Kingdom’s future innovations Zain KSA signs MoU with Al Yamamah University

As part of its strategy to digitally empower the Kingdom’s youth and develop the national telecommunications and digital services sector with local talent, Zain KSA signed a memorandum of understanding with Al Yamamah University to cooperate in developing digital skills and on-the-job training. The MoU was signed during Zain KSA’s participation in the third edition of LEAP24, hosted in Riyadh, from March 4 to 7, 2024.

Through this cooperation, Zain KSA will arrange training courses for male and female students at Al Yamamah University. Zain KSA will also provide trainees with on-the-job training opportunities, helping them acquire essential job skills within the real-life workplace. Students will have the chance to lay a solid foundation for a successful future career, empowering them to effectively contribute to the Kingdom’s nationwide development. Al Yamamah University will also provide training programs for Zain KSA employees to develop leadership skills in addition to postgraduate and executive studies programs.

Commenting on the collaboration, Loluwah Saad Alnowaiser, Zain KSA VP of Human Resources, stated, “At Zain KSA, we have meticulously designed an integrated training and development ecosystem to nurture national talents capable of spearheading our Kingdom’s journey into a transformative digital era. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability for the future. A key aspect of this ecosystem lies in its strategic reliance on collaborations with key development partners within the Kingdom to optimize value creation and achieve a profound impact across all organizational levels, aligning seamlessly with Saudi Vision 2030, with a particular emphasis on Human Capacity Development.”

Zain KSA has recently earned the HRSD Labor Award for ICT Talent Localization and is actively working on training 50,000 young Saudi men and women in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources to stimulate training within the private sector through the “Wad” initiative. With a proven track record, Zain KSA has implemented various training and development initiatives, offering diverse courses and programs tailored to the ICT sector.

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