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VIDSCOLA signs a groundbreaking agreement with NTIS to undertake the very first Jira Align implementation project in the R&D Sector across the Middle East Region

VIDSCOLA signs a groundbreaking agreement with n

VIDSCOLA, a leading provider of agile transformation services and Atlassian solution partner, announce the commencement of the first implementation project of Jira Align at NTIS, a prominent R&D entity. This groundbreaking project marks a significant milestone in the R&D’s adoption of agile methodologies, streamlining processes and improving efficiency

Jira Align, developed by Atlassian, is a powerful tool that connects business strategy to technical execution. By leveraging Jira Align, R&D organizations like NTIS can effectively align their teams and projects with their strategic objectives, making all work visible in real-time. This seamless integration between business and technology ensures that every decision and action taken is in line with the organization’s overall strategy

One of the primary challenges faced by R&D entities is the need for increased visibility and transparency in their operations. Traditional project management approaches often fall short in providing real-time insights and fostering collaboration across teams. Jira Align addresses these challenges by aggregating team-level data, allowing all work to be visible across the enterprise. This enables NTIS and other R&D organizations to make informed decisions, identify dependencies, and effectively manage resources

“The successful implementation of Jira Align will be significant for NTIS, and we are proud to announce that the project of implementation Jira Align in NTIS has been approved as part of our commitment and dedication to delivering exceptional services to our customers,” says Mr. Bandar Aljabri, the Program Director in NTIS

“By partnering with VIDSCOLA, we were able to develop a phased approach that will allow us to upgrade our team’s skills and capabilities in a methodical manner. We chose VIDSCOLA because of their expertise in agile methodologies and frameworks, which allows us to identify success factors and address possible impediments to our agile transition. With Jira Align, we are confident that we can align every team to our strategy and optimize for customer value, ensuring the fastest and highest quality response to our customers’ requirements and guaranteeing their satisfaction, which is our main priority.” Mr. Bandar Aljabri added

VIDSCOLA brings extensive expertise in agile transformation to the implementation of Jira Align at NTIS. With a team of highly experienced transformation consultants and coaches, VIDSCOLA has successfully guided numerous organizations across various industries on their agile journeys. Their consultants have international and regional experience, ensuring that their agile transformation approach is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of R&D entities

In addition to implementing Jira Align, VIDSCOLA also offers a range of coaching services to further support organizations in their agile transformation. Their agile coaching program, which can be customized to the specific needs of each client, provides individual and organizational coaching, facilitating the adaptation to the agile mindset and culture

Embracing agile transformation has become more critical than ever, especially in a rapidly evolving landscape. As R&D entities like NTIS strive to stay ahead of the curve and effectively deliver on their missions, VIDSCOLA empowers them with the tools and expertise needed to succeed

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