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RITUALS Brings ‘Garden of Happiness’ to the GCC Region for the First Time

Step into a Virtual Reality Reverie of Japan’s Most Magical Nightscapes at Riyadh Park


[Riyadh, Saudi Arabia –  May 2024] – Apparel Group is thrilled to announce the arrival of the RITUALS “Garden of Happiness” at Riyadh Park.

Get ready for an exclusive, limited-time experience from May 23rd to June 1st, transporting visitors into the captivating world of cherry blossom & it’s fragrance.

RITUALS, the renowned Dutch lifestyle brand famed for its luxurious fragrances, will bring its “Garden of Happiness” concept to Saudi Arabia for the first time. This immersive and unforgettable experience will let you explore the fascinating elements of cherry blossom right here in Riyadh through a unique virtual reality journey and the captivating atmosphere of the “Garden of Happiness.”

The Cherry Blossom garden will be open for ten days, from May 23rd to June 1st, during regular mall trading hours. This one-of-a-kind concept will offer every visitor an opportunity to explore the immersive visual world of the “Garden of Happiness.”

Curious to experience the best of Cherry Blossom without leaving Riyadh? From the alluring scents of cherry blossom to the intricate art of flower arrangement, this concept will ignite your senses and deepen your appreciation of Japan’s beautiful blossoming season with RITUALS’ unique product offering.

Join us at the “Garden of Happiness” to treat your senses to the captivating sights of cherry blossom. You can also take the RITUALS limited edition products to enhance your living spaces. Special complimentary gifts will be given to every walk-in visitor. Discover this unique experience and take home unforgettable memories from this limited-time event.

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