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Riyadh, the capital City of Saudi Arabia will host the Saudi International Pharma Expo and the Saudi Internayional Medlab Expo in their third edition during the period 9-11 October 2023 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center

Both events provide a unique opportunity and a unified platform, which is considered  the first of its kind in the Kingdom and the region, bringing together the pharmaceutical & medical industries respectively from all over the world to showcase the latest innovations in pharmaceutical and laboratory technology, across an integrated value chain for this industry, from raw material suppliers to laboratory and pharmaceutical manufacturers for final formulations, distributors, and the vast network of the Healthcare industry.
For the success of both events’ , 1st Arabia Tradeshows & Conferences organizrd them in corporation with three specialized associations including the Saudi Medical Sensors Association, saudi Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences and the Saudi Society for Clinical Chemistry.
Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Sultan Al-Kathiri, President of the Saudi Medical Sensors Association  announced that a specialized scientific conference will be held in parallel with  the mentioned exhibitions, which includes discussion panels and presentations of the most prominent developments in the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors.
Al-Kathiri also added that the association seeks to work on improving and developing sensors used in the healthcare industry. Accordingly, the association works to bring together professionals from the Healthcare practitioners and medical engineers under one umbrella, which  brings together many Healthcare specialties to produce interdisciplinary specialties that have a significant impact on the development of their common interests and in line with the needs of the industry and the labor market.
He added It views exhibitions as a fundamental pillar in performing this role.
1st Arabia Tradeshows & Conferences has  emphisized on  that both exhibitions constitute a platform for exploring new business opportunities through direct communication with suppliers, meeting with top local and international companies to learn about the latest technologies and innovations, and display latest products in  specialized exhibhitions in the manufacture and marketing of medicines & laboratory supplies and equipment, and identifying the needs of the local and global markets.
In addition, meeting businessmen and investors in the Healthcare industry, and promoting real opportunities through the media outlets and social media platforms for products, research, innovations, and capabilities for participants from different areas and,specializations concerning the  Medical Laboratories and pharmacutical sectors.
1st Arabia Tradeshows & Conferences is a top- notch company in organzing and managing events, exhibhitions and conferences. It has grown and developed to become one of the largest companies with over 20 years of experience in this field.
 It is a member of the most important international organizations in the field of exhibitions and conferences including ICCA, UFI, SITE, MPI, and IAEE. It is also a partner of several prestigious international organizations, such as Gaining Edge and Fera Barcelona.
The organizers invites those interested in attending the exhibitions to visit both websites and register their visit.

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