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Zain Clinic unveiled at LEAP24: a strategic partnership between Zain KSA and Altibbi Platform  

Zain KSA has unveiled a strategic cooperation and partnership agreement with ‘Altibbi’, the remote medical consultation platform that directly connects patients to accredited physicians, via voice call or text. Through this collaboration, Zain Clinic will be integrated into the Zain KSA app, offering a novel and seamless remote medical consultation service. Zain KSA is the first telco operator to launch remote medical services through its application in the Kingdom. The announcement was made during the third annual tech event LEAP24, where Zain KSA is participating as a strategic sponsor.


The partnership with Al Tibbi platform aligns with Zain KSA’s strategy and commitment to diversifying its services beyond telecom, tapping into new sectors and industries, and rolling out innovative and unique digital services in the Saudi market. By providing integrated all-digital services to customers, this partnership will improve the accessibility of health care services throughout the Kingdom, while also enhancing the nationwide digital transformation journey in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

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