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TCL emerges as top 3 global Chinese AC exporters; unveils new AC lineup for Ramadan in KSA

TCL Electronics (1070.HK), a global leader in consumer electronics, proudly announces its ranking among the top three global air conditioner exporters from China. Building on this momentum, TCL is set to launch its latest lineup of air conditioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) market during the auspicious occasion of Ramadan.
The new TCL AC lineup is meticulously crafted to empower the latest advancements in cooling technology, offering consumers a range of innovative features to enhance their indoor comfort. Highlighting the release are the Split, Free Standing, and Window AC units, each designed to cater to varying consumer needs and preferences

Ms. Sunny Yang, General Manager of TCL Middle East and Africa, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “We are excited to introduce our latest lineup of air conditioners in the KSA market during Ramadan. TCL remains committed to delivering innovative products that enhance the comfort and convenience of our consumers’ lives”

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, TCL’s new air conditioners boast features such as the Dual Inverter compressor and Gentle Breeze technology, ensuring perfect cooling with soft winds. Additionally, smart IoT capabilities allow users to connect their AC units with smartphones, enabling remote control and monitoring even while away from home

The new lineup includes the latest Xtreme+ series equipped with inverter compressor and smart IoT functionality, as well as the Breeze IN series featuring Gentle Breeze technology. Furthermore, TCL is expanding its offerings with new free-standing AC units with capacities of 48,000 BTU (British thermal unit; unit of measurement for amount of energy used by AC) and 60,000 BTU, catering to larger spaces with efficient cooling solutions

Starting from Ramadan 2024, TCL’s new AC lineup is available across various retail channels in the KSA market, including TCL Retailers, TCL Showrooms, Extra stores, Bin Hamood Stores, Shita wa Saif stores, and Black Box stores

With its commitment to excellence and innovation, TCL continues to set new benchmarks in the air conditioning industry, providing consumers with superior cooling solutions for a more comfortable living environment

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